• Mr. Cummings informed us today that he is REMOVING May 1st, 8th, and 15th from the school calendar.  We will remain on a 4 day week for the remainder of the school year.

    Students DO NOT SEND any work back to me as they are emailing their assignments to me.  Students will take a photo of these worksheets and email their photos to me.  Make sure photo is in focus, not shadowed, and readable.  Thanks.


    All students need to get 80% or better on Study Guides in order for me to give them the correct answers to study for tests.  Also if students do not complete the whole assignment in any subject, they will be docked 5 percentage points on the assignment.  

    Students can earn Bonus Points in any one of their subjects by completing lessons on their Kahn Academy app.  Encourage them to do some today!!!

    Parents, please use this website to know when quizzes and tests are scheduled so that you, too, may remind your child to study.  Refer to my lesson plans for scheduled quizzes and tests. 


    Students will be given iPads on the first day of school.   Students are not allowed to take their iPads home until we have the signed agreements.   Once students return their signed agreement, the Spelling City app should work from home if you have internet so students can use their iPads at home to help study spelling words.  Quizlet is a helpful app that students can use to study science, social studies, and reading vocabularies.


    Students have the EPIC app on their iPads.  There are many books that students can read using this app.  Some of the books are worth AR points so students can take a test on those ones.  EPIC Class Code:  ZVJ-5608


    Students have a new app on their iPads to help them learn keyboarding skills.  It is called edClub.  Students can log in to that app using their iPad, or from a PC, students can enter the website www.edclub.com.  Students should use the school code wwpenguins when logging in.  I will be sending home each students' user name and password so they can practice their keyboarding skills.  I have keyboards that students can take home to practice their keyboarding skills.

    Please remind your child to practice keyboarding 10 minutes each day.  Thanks!
     Please go to https://orders.scholastic.com/HGBNZ to order anytime from Scholastic Book Clubs.  You can pay on-line and do not need to send a check to school.  The books will arrive at school for me to distribute to your child.  Thanks!          
    Book Orders - no due date; please order whenever you like!