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  • Whitewater Music Classes and School Grading Scale

    Whitewater Music Class Grading

    1.  Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

    2.  Respect all school instruments and property.

    3.  Participate in all classroom activities.

    E (Equal to an A) -- Outstanding / Excellent  (Advanced)

    S (Equal to a B) -- Satisfactory  (Proficient)

    N (Equal to a C) -- Needs Improvement  (Below Proficient)

    Students in music class will be graded in 2 or 3 areas:  

    Class Grades

    Assessment Grades

    Performance Grades, if this applies

    1.  Every music class, students can earn up to 10 points for behavior, participation, and knowledge of the content.  10 points means the student is behaving correctly and going above and beyond for participation.

    2.  Students will lhave assessments throughout music class.  Many assessments are based on observation of student correctly performing a musical element.  Some grades may have a written assessment or performance based assessment.

    3.  If you are performing in a concert, your effort to sing, play and perform will be graded.

    These grades will combine to get your student's total grade for each marking period based on Advanced, Proficient, or Below Proficient.  My goal is to have ALL students performing at least at a proficient level and have many students performing at the advanced level.

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