• Please check here for important announcements during the school year.

    *I see some of you have had an opportunity to sign up for SeeSaw! We'll be trying to post some of our work and activities at least weekly. This is an opportunity for you to get an inside scoop on what's happening in our classroom. Feel free to ask your child about their work to reinforce some of the skills we've discussed. They're excited to share their progress with you in this way.*

    *We're beginning to work our way through each letter of the alphabet. We have songs/cheers/discussions to go with each letter. (Not in ABC order.) Please ask your children to tell you what we're working on. It will reinforce some of the concepts until we meet again. Thanks.*

    *Please send your child with a backpack to school each day. It makes things much more manageable for them at the end of the day when transporting their treasures!*


  • Daily Schedule ~ Monday/Wednesday

    8:00-8:30 Welcome! (Pledge, Attendance, Calendar, Songs, Story)

    8:30-9:00 Literacy Activities

    9:00-9:20 MUSIC

    9:20-10:00 Number Sense

    10:00-10:15 Recess

    10:20-11:05 Crafts/Centers

    11:05 Clean up, wash hands

    11:10 Lunch

    11:45 See you next time!