• Student Council Officers for the 2016-2017 school year are:
    President:           Kayleigh Cummings
    Vice-President:    Isabella Lawless
    Secretary:           Hannah Anderson
    Treasurer:           Trace Simonson
     Parlimentarian:    Luke Lawless
    Other Members:
    Class of 2017 Rep: Serena
    Class of 2018 Rep: Trey
    Class of 2019 Rep: Isabella
    Class of 2020 Rep: Luke
    Class of 2021 Rep: Beau   
    Class of 2022 Rep: Hannah
    Class of 2023 Rep: Kendra  
    Pep Club Rep: Cody
    W-Club Rep: Kayleigh
    NHS Rep:  Hope
    Officers for the 2015-2016 school year were:
    President:  Jessica Anderson
    Vice President:  Karly Santillan
    Secretary:  Jana Wisher
    Treasurer:  Hope Lawless 
    Parlimentarian:  Trey Simanton
    Other Members:      
    Class of 2016 Rep:   Connie
    Class of 2017 Rep:   Kayleigh
    Class of 2018 Rep:   Trace
    Class of 2019 Rep:   Bella   
    Class of 2020 Rep:   Luke
    Class of 2021 Rep:   Beau
    Pep Club Rep:   Serena 
    W-Club Rep:  Tatum
    NHS Rep:    Connie