• Everyone who attends Whitewater Junior or Senior High is a member of the Pep Club!   Pep Club is in charge of concessions at the ball games held in Whitewater.  I ask for people to apply to be a manager of concessions.  That person turns a resume to me if she is interested and why she wants to be a manager.  I ask them to set up concessions, carry the pop down from the store room, and work during the games and clean up/count money.  The manager is paid $5.50 per two game night.
    Also the pep club is responsible for the pop machines.  A student applies for the job of Pop machine manager and is paid $5 every time he refills the pop machine.  The most important part of Pep Club is to keep the pep up, keep the comraderie going and to be positive!  All of our Penguins are important whether they be co-oping with the Panthers, Mustangs, or Coyotes!  You are Penguins first!  And you always perform to your best ability!
    Pep club also makes sure the athletes are given cheer bags before they participate in a tourney. 
     Congrats to the Dodson/Whitewater Men's Cross Country team for taking 2nd at state!  That is an awesome accomplishment! Henry Rameriz and Jeret Warren were Penguins on the team!  Nice work guys! 
    If you read this please come to my room to let me know!  Thanks!