• Bonjour.  Je m'appelle Madame Lumsden.  Whitewater French Club is an organization to further experiences in French language and culture.
    Some of our activities in the past have included: 
    French Week:  We have a theme for each day such as; French food, sports, famous people, history, music.  Special activities are planned for each theme. We have sometimes had a Question of the Day for each grade level, French weather reports, food sampling, etc.

    French meal: 
    We plan, prepare and serve a four or five course French meal with members families as guests. 

    I have led four trips to France and one to Quebec for my French students.  Trips with Language and Friendship involved family stays and sightseeing, while EF trips were guided sightseeing. Are you interested in traveling to France in 2019 or 2020?  Now is the time to start planning, so let me know if you are interested.