Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  This is my fifth year at Whitewater School as the Social Studies teacher.  I grew up outside of Joplin, Montana and attended Montana State University-Northern where I earned my degree in Secondary Education Social Science Broadfield in 2015.  
    I am really excited for another great year in Whitewater and if you need to contact me after school hours, my cell phone number is 406-399-3625.  I strongly urge students to give me a call if they have any questions or need any help.  
    For virtual learning, all classes will go through Google Classroom. Each class has their own Classroom, which all of the students have joined, where lesson plans, readings, and assignments will be posted.  There is a Google Meet link in the top bar on the left which students will join for our virtual classroom days for discussions and readings.  They should also check their email to make sure I haven't contacted them about something else, such as an assignment.