Degrees and Certifications:

1.Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Wesleyan University-Philippines Mabini Extension, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, 3100 2. Master of Arts in Psychology (Guidance and Counselling) PHINMA, Araullo University Bitas, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, 3100 3. Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) PHINMA, Araullo University Bitas, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, 3100 4. Licensure Examination for Teachers (Philippine Regulation Commission) 5. State of Montana Educator License (Class5A) 6. The State of Montana (Professional Teaching License)

Miss Joana Dizon

Welcome back to a great school year kiddos! Let's open the dusty textbooks and start an amazing year!

Indeed, time flies really fast! Can't believe that this school year will be my 3rd year teaching here at Whitewater. I just love this town and have no plan to move out for now. 

I'm still under the J1 Visa but this year and the year after would be my extension years for that program. Summer has been so good for me. Aside from the teaching license I got this Spring, which is good for a year, I was able to obtain another license which is good for five years.

Also, I  was able to visit Mt. Rushmore and some historical and interesting places in South Dakota together with my boyfriend or rather say fiance :-) (coz he had just proposed to me almost a month ago) when we're at Kansas City  for the VFW National Convention. I am not a veteran though, but my fiance is and I was invited to come with him. At the convention, I was so happy coz I met some Filipino-American veterans and we had a great time together and had a chance to eat Filipino food and talk in our language. In addition, this 4th of July, which is also the Filipino-American Day in my country, some of the Filipino teachers in our nearby town (Turner and Harlem) came over to Malta and helped celebrate the occasion with us. That's how my summer went and I am looking forward to more amazing and fun experiences.